Thursday, April 28, 2011

GREAT baby pictures to share with all of you!

I pick up where I left off with my earlier entry, so consider this to be Part II.

MORE fabulous pictures of the babies - - who are just growing up so fast! 
The last entry focused on photos of Callie's babies, while this entry is exclusively photos of Dixie's babies, who are 6 weeks old today. They were a sleeply bunch when Alex snapped these, but they had been playing hard!

Eight bouncing bundles!

Angus takes a power nap

Pretty Little Girl and Fergus snuggle up with a stuffed bunny

Baby zonk-out session!

Stop tickling my knees, Tulla!!

Tulla and Little Gus take it easy after a play session

Boy, we sure do love to watch Animal Planet

It's an Angus sandwich!

Handsome Little Guy poses for the camera

Fiona and Orla share a secret

I never should have had that second cup of coffee

Little Gus gives his brother a kiss

Angus contemplates the state of the world

Fergus leaves it all behind

Orla finds a comfy friend on which to rest her tired head

Fergus and Handsome Little Guy plan their next escapade

Finally! a bed to myself


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