Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Callie and Finnegan's New Litter of Five

Oh ... no matter how many times I have been lucky enough to bear witness to the birth of a litter, its magic never grows old and its process never fails to impress me and fill me with genuine wonder. I was guest to that miraculous display again the other night, when Callie delivered a perfectly exquisite litter of five babies.

Let it be said:  Callie is a little powerhouse of a dog.
She is beautiful and very sweet and on the petite side; she is utterly calm and in charge of anything she decides to be in charge of, be it her ball, her bowl, or her babies.
I carefully arranged her whelping box with a variety of padded and unpadded items I thought would lend themselves to comfort and to my assisting her, should the need arise. I then watched her completely rearrange her whelping box with impressive shredding and digging and placement of each item. Lots of panting and restlessness. More shredding and digging and placement .... Then I watched her bring forth her five babies with the determination and focus of a Zen Master.  She is my little mouse who roars :)


Monday, July 4, 2011

Plaaaaaaay Ball!

Summer is here and the rompin' is fun! 
Because it's been a while since my last entry, I thought it was high time to get back to the blog and say "Happy 1-year Anniversary, Blog" - - AND - - to show you some pictures of the kids enjoying their favorite summer activity. Just click any photo to enlarge it.

Fannie's GOT IT!!

But Finnegan STOLE it ...

Waiting for the throw ...

Caru is out in front ...


... but Fannie got it AGAIN!

Callie steals a ball for herself and takes a break in the shade.

Finnegan and Magic kick back and catch their breath ...

... while Rory does her Happy Summer dance.     

 Happy July 4th to EVERYONE - - and remember to take a celebratory roll in the grass today to show the world your independence!  ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Everyone is ASKING: Who is still available??

Oh, such lucky-ducks! A few lucky people out there can still get on the list to get one of these pups.
Here is the line-up of The Adorables ;)

Little Gus - - SORRY! No longer available :(

Fiona - - SORRY! No longer available :(

ORLA - - SORRY! No longer available :(

PRETTY LITTLE GIRL - - SORRY! No longer available :(

Thursday, April 28, 2011

GREAT baby pictures to share with all of you!

I pick up where I left off with my earlier entry, so consider this to be Part II.

MORE fabulous pictures of the babies - - who are just growing up so fast! 
The last entry focused on photos of Callie's babies, while this entry is exclusively photos of Dixie's babies, who are 6 weeks old today. They were a sleeply bunch when Alex snapped these, but they had been playing hard!

Eight bouncing bundles!

Angus takes a power nap

Pretty Little Girl and Fergus snuggle up with a stuffed bunny

Baby zonk-out session!

Stop tickling my knees, Tulla!!

Tulla and Little Gus take it easy after a play session

Boy, we sure do love to watch Animal Planet

It's an Angus sandwich!

Handsome Little Guy poses for the camera

Fiona and Orla share a secret

I never should have had that second cup of coffee

Little Gus gives his brother a kiss

Angus contemplates the state of the world

Fergus leaves it all behind

Orla finds a comfy friend on which to rest her tired head

Fergus and Handsome Little Guy plan their next escapade

Finally! a bed to myself

OH! I am so behind in updating this blog - - but for happy reasons!

Sometimes, life gets in the way of doing the things one "needs" to do. But sometimes, it's because of wonderful occasions, as it has been for me these past days.

I have been blessed with wonderful house guests visiting one right after another, though it has meant my "administrative duties" have decidedly fallen by the wayside.  I am correcting that TODAY!

And, because of one of those house guests in particular, I have beautiful new pictures of the babies to post. My friend Alex drove a grueling 6 hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic from Manhattan to Rockport to visit with me and the pups.

While she was here, she turned her very talented eye and camera on my babies, and I think you will all be delighted by the results. There are so many wonderful pictures, I will post some today, more later. So I am calling this blog entry PART I.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of her taking pictures of the babies ... of course, her beautiful shots really show me for the lacking photographer I am, but we can't all be good at everything! ;)

Oh, don't take our picture; cuddle with us instead!

Alex captures a tug-of-war between Piper and McGyver
"If you think I'm giving this up, you're sorely mistaken, buster!"

Chloe thinks maybe SHE would like to try to use the camera

Piper: "Do me a favor, okay? Try to get my good side in these shots."

"I'm ready for my closeup Ms. DeMille ... "

"How does 'shy and demure' work for this pose? Think it's a good way to go?"

Remember: just my good side, my GOOD side, please!

WHAT is Mr Moseley doing in MY frame?!

Oh, all right! "Hello World! I'd like to introduce my handsome brother to all my adoring fans."

Chloe gets a lesson in aperture settings

But she decides she makes a better subject than a photographer
A tisket, a tasket, an overflowing basket ...

Casting Call?!  Did someone say 'Casting Call!'  ??

Little Miss Bailey wishes you all a day as lovely as she