Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Callie and Finnegan's New Litter of Five

Oh ... no matter how many times I have been lucky enough to bear witness to the birth of a litter, its magic never grows old and its process never fails to impress me and fill me with genuine wonder. I was guest to that miraculous display again the other night, when Callie delivered a perfectly exquisite litter of five babies.

Let it be said:  Callie is a little powerhouse of a dog.
She is beautiful and very sweet and on the petite side; she is utterly calm and in charge of anything she decides to be in charge of, be it her ball, her bowl, or her babies.
I carefully arranged her whelping box with a variety of padded and unpadded items I thought would lend themselves to comfort and to my assisting her, should the need arise. I then watched her completely rearrange her whelping box with impressive shredding and digging and placement of each item. Lots of panting and restlessness. More shredding and digging and placement .... Then I watched her bring forth her five babies with the determination and focus of a Zen Master.  She is my little mouse who roars :)



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